Balloons and Carousel Horse | Whimsical Children’s Photography

I haven’t blogged in ages.  I am so terribly busy with two boys and one on the way that I do good to keep the house cleaned and sessions edited.  Not to mention keeping up date nights with my hubby and time to myself, so I apologize dearly.  I do however want to start blogging more and will “try” to stay on top of things.  I figure there wouldn’t be a better session to start with then with this whimsical shoot I did a couple weeks ago.

Miss Emerson is 2 and her momma wanted some fun birthday pictures and then had the idea to put her in her wedding gown.  This is the first shoot I have done with a wedding gown and knew it needed to be special!  I brought a ton of balloons and it just so happened that it was windy that day.  I had this great idea to put balloons all around her and let her have fun and spin, kick and play with the balloons.  Well, the minute we released the balloons they started flying EVERYWHERE!  So we moved to a more enclosed space to trap the balloons.  Then, I thought how fun it would be to have her stand in the open field and let the balloons fly all around her since that is what they wanted to do anyways and what do you know?  As soon as we released the balloons they just dropped and stayed…go figure.  I ended up kicking them and throwing them towards her to get somewhat of the effect but it still ended up super cute!

We then moved to an open field with tall grass for the wedding gown and I brought this AMAZING carousel horse that Emerson LOVED!  There is nothing else to say except stunning!  🙂  The sky was fun, but not this fun.  Thanks to Kansas Pitts Photography sky overlays, the pink drama sky finished this image perfectly.  Now, I need a little girl to put in MY wedding gown…I’ll keep my fingers crossed that this one is!

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