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I’ve joined a blogging group over at Clickin Moms.  If you are a photog or mom tog or just enjoy photography, I encourage you to go over there and check it out.  Clickin Moms has so much to offer with advice, tutorials, forums and workshops with a combination of professional photographers, hobbyists and moms.  Our group got started late so this challenge is from January and it is close up portraiture.  Since my blog is mainly posts of my professional work, I thought it would be fun to use these challenges for my every day photography.  I’ve attached two pictures because the proud/fair momma I am can’t post one baby without the other.  🙂  Evan is my oldest at two and a half.  He is so smart, caring, sweet, polite and stubborn.  Lol.  Maybe stubborn is a strong word because it might just be the terrific two stage we are in but this kid will seriously only look at me and the camera if a) its his idea or b) I have just put my camera down.  So, this picture was easy to get of him and his beautiful eyes and lashes because it didn’t require any attention from him.  🙂 Oh, how I treasure this little face and will be so sad to see it turn more into a little boy than a baby.

The second picture is of my youngest Ethan, who just turned one in January.  This little guy is also smart, cute as all get out, cuddly and determined.  He can also be a little spit fire when he gets too determined (AKA doesn’t get his way).  Ha!  I don’t know if you have ever heard the Jeff Foxworthy line when he is talking about the kids throwing themselves down on the floor and calmly walking up to them and saying, “where are your parents?” but Ethan gives me this opportunity quite often because throwing himself on the floor is apparently his way of coping with things.  He throws himself on the floor if he’s mad, if he doesn’t get his way, if he gets frustrated, if Evan takes something from him and the list goes on.  I’m not one to get frazzled too easy so I just say, “I”m sorry” and leave him be until he decides he isn’t getting any attention from it or it gets old.  As you can tell in the second picture, he had a moment and so did I.  🙂  I just laid on the ground with him and took the opportunity to capture my little man in one of his moods.  This phase will also pass and I want to make sure I have blackmail, I mean the memories of this  little man in the first stages of his determination.  This is a great personality trait that will take him far in life, we just have to get over this little speed bump or boy lying on the ground.  Hehe.  Now head on over to my friend Sabrina’s blog and see her take on close up portraiture and give her some blog love!!


  • Melinda - Chelsea your boys are precious!! I laugh and enjoy your post as you tell your experiences with your boys, remembering mine with Jake and John. Yes, they are only phases and there will be many. You can tell through your pictures the love you for children. Keep doing what you are doing, it fits you well!!ReplyCancel

    • chels - Awe thanks Melinda. It’s nice to know people read my blogs lol I love what I do and I’m glad I get to share a little part of that with y’all.ReplyCancel

  • Vicky - These are great. love that you went with your youngest’s tantrum – great perspective!ReplyCancel

  • Lori_Z - What cuties, love the tantrum shot.ReplyCancel

  • Candace - Omg the picture of your baby is to funny!ReplyCancel

  • Gayle S. - So cute! Your boys are so precious! Love that you captured him having a tantrum! You are going to cherish this picture always!!!ReplyCancel

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