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ATTENTION:  I am not endorsed or affiliated with LaneyBug Creations in ANY way, other than I love her product and have used it for my own babies to sleep and newborn photography alike.  I love to share product that work great and could possibly help other mommies out!  We have to stick together 🙂

This post today is for mommies and newborn photographers alike!  This product is absolutely amazing at getting babies to sleep and to stay asleep.  It’s called the Snuggle Spot!

Say goodbye to swaddles that don’t stay!  This pillow has a shallow space that you place the baby in and once swaddled, the weight of the baby pulls the sides gently around them to snuggle them in, like being in someone’s arms and the swaddle will stay put.  Their head goes at the top of the pillow to elevate them and helps to alleviate acid reflux, runny noses, etc.  The pillow fits in any standard crib, portable crib and even mini-cosleepers.  We used the snuggle spot with our son Ethan in his mini co-sleeper and when we traveled we would just bring the pillow.  Pack and plays are bulky and heavy and you already feel like you bring everything but the kitchen sink when traveling 🙂  The snuggle spot is light, portable and so convenient!  It really is a great all around product!  She has a ton of fabric choices and you can even embroider your babies name on it.  They also make FABULOUS baby shower gifts.   Anyone wanting to co-sleep with their baby doesn’t have to worry about rolling over on them as the pillow acts as a protective barrier while keeping baby close by!  I used this pillow for our son Ethan and it was the ONLY thing that would keep him asleep.  Once Ethan was out of the snuggle spot, I used it for my newborn shoots.  It’s a great cuddler to keep baby asleep while I am switching blankets or props. I don’t even have to swaddle before hand.  I first place a blanket on the snuggle spot (makes for easier clean up), put baby inside and cover with another blanket.  Then when I am ready to go again, I don’t have to remove any swaddles and worry about waking the baby.  I highly recommend this product and hope you will check her out over at LaneyBug Creations.  You can also like her on Facebook and make sure to give her some love from ChelseaLee Photography!  I would love to hear how the snuggle spot works for you and your little one.  Enjoy your day!

If you missed the secret to saying bye bye to your baby belly then you really should check out the product on that post too!  Another great one!  If you have a favorite product for new mommies I would love to write a post and share about it!  Either comment at the bottom or contact me at the top!


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