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You’ve hired a photographer and spent lots of money on preserving your memories by purchasing the digital images so you will always have them. You have them on a CD,a USB or downloaded them straight to your computer. They are safe, you will always have them, memories preserved forever, right?

Do you know I personally have had a CD and USB go corrupt? Do you know I have personally had to replace my computer’s hard drive after it crashed, only a week after my mom’s computer hard drive crashed too, ironic right? Then today my aunt messaged, asking how she could recover her pictures from her computer after it crashed. Yes, it is possible to recover data, MOST of the time, if your willing to pay anywhere between $300-$600. However, sometimes the data is gone, like FOR-EV-ER!  I’m here today to give you 3 tips that could save you the trouble, money and heartbreak of losing those digital memories.

1. The number one most important thing is to have your pictures saved in more than one location. Don’t just trust your computer to work from now until you die. Do you remember the first TV? Looks nothing like the ones we have now. Everything evolves and changes, crashes, goes out and dies, so will your computer. Don’t just trust your CD that was given to you with all the images because when little Johnny decides that it would make a great frisbee, there goes all your pictures. I’m not saying don’t use these sources, just don’t rely on one solely!

2. So your computer has an internal hard drive that stores all your important information inside of it. It gets used with every picture you save, every link you click, every document you download, etc. If you use your computer daily your hard drive gets used daily. This is what makes the chances of it crashing greater than say an external hard drive. These types of hard drives were created to work outside of your computer. So instead of being used over and over and over like your computer hard drive, you can plug them in, store a copy of your pictures on them, and then remove them and put them in a safe place. You could even go as far as putting them in a safety deposit box or a fire proof box for super safe keeping. External hard drives, depending on data size you get, can hold A LOT of information! These are awesome for holding pictures; I have quite a few of them actually. You just have to make sure you unplug them safely and securely after using them. This is is a great secondary option for storing pictures and having them in two places. You can get them pretty much anywhere…Walmart, Staples, Best Buy, etc. After personal experience of a couple of these crashing on me (because I use them daily, as well as my computer) I highly recommend WD 1TB Black My Passport Ultra Portable External Hard Drive – USB 3.0 – WDBGPU0010BBK-NESN and LaCie Rugged Mini USB 3.0 / USB 2.0 1TB External Hard Drive 301558if you plan on moving it around a lot or traveling with it.

3. This next one, I believe is the most important and secure way of saving your pictures! Have you ever heard of the cloud? That magical white puff that comes down and captures all your important information and takes it away to the sky. Seems kind of sketchy doesn’t it? It’s actually not sketchy or scary at all! It’s just a fancy way of saying internet backup and I bet you are already using a type of “cloud” without even realizing it. You know when you take a picture on your phone, it’s stored on your phone’s memory. If the phone breaks the memory is gone unless you’ve backed it up. If you post those pictures on Facebook or Instagram, are you afraid of losing them? No, that’s because they are not saved on a physical device but on the cloud. Easy peasy you can do this! I highly suggest using an internet service backup for your photos and any other important data from your computer you don’t want to lose. I personally use Backblaze for both my personal and professional photos. There is no limit to the amount of data you use and for no more than $5 a month you have piece of mind that the money you spend on your memories will NEVER be lost! That’s it, just $5 for safe secure memories and if you want they have a trial for 15 days just to see how easy it really is!

If you need any help or have any questions about how to save your pictures, comment below or contact me through my contact page 🙂

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