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As a photographer, it is our job to capture and produce the best images possible for our clients.  With the hundreds of pictures we take, there are times where you just can’t get everyone looking, smiling, eyes open, etc.  But why should our clients know this?  🙂  I love when I capture a family or large group and they say, “Oh wow you got everyone looking.”  It’s a seller every time!  I helped a friend Carrie Abysalh over at www.picturesbycarrie.com with a few head swaps today and decided to make a screencast to teach you how to do the same.  While making the screencast I thought it would be fun to create Teach Me Tuesday.  So if you have any ideas on what you would like to learn next week on Teach Me Tuesday, feel free to comment below and if your comment is chosen I will share websites, names, etc…great for SEO!  If you don’t have a website or don’t even know what SEO is 🙂 you can still comment and your questions just might be answered next week.  If you have any questions about this screencast you can comment below or email me at chelsealeephotography@gmail.com  Feel free to share.  I hope this video is helpful!

*UPDATE: If you are having trouble keeping your image from looking fixed/fake, check your eraser brush hardness opacity.  My eraser was at 31% hardness when doing this video.  Too high and it will give harsh lines, too soft and it will blur into the face/hair etc.

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