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    Welcome to my blog, I am so glad you found me! ChelseaLee is my first and middle name. I'm a mom, wife, friend, colorful, patient and loving. I like coffee with my cream and sugar, I love candles but hate to burn them, I'm addicted to kids books and think I like them more than my boys, I'm a huge Baylor fan, I love to jam out and sing really loud and I love a challenge. I live in the BBQ capital of Texas, Lockhart, while serving the actual capital of Texas, Austin, and it's surrounding areas. I love photography because it lets me be creative, I get to work with squishy little babies and energetic children and I get the chance to capture and gift memories and moments that families treasure forever. I've never met a stranger and I treat my clients like friends; it's the only way to truly capture the very essence of you. I look forward to meeting you!

ATTENTION:  I am not endorsed or affiliated with LaneyBug Creations in ANY way, other than I love her product and have used it for my own babies to sleep and newborn photography alike.  I love to share product that work great and could possibly help other mommies out!  We have to stick together:)

This post today is for mommies and newborn photographers alike!  This product is absolutely amazing at getting babies to sleep and to stay asleep.  It’s called the Snuggle Spot!

Say goodbye to swaddles that don’t stay!  This pillow has a shallow space that you place the baby in and once swaddled, the weight of the baby pulls the sides gently around them to snuggle them in, like being in someone’s arms and the swaddle will stay put.  Their head goes at the top of the pillow to elevate them and helps to alleviate acid reflux, runny noses, etc.  The pillow fits in any standard crib, portable crib and even mini-cosleepers.  We used the snuggle spot with our son Ethan in his mini co-sleeper and when we traveled we would just bring the pillow.  Pack and plays are bulky and heavy and you already feel like you bring everything but the kitchen sink when traveling:) The snuggle spot is light, portable and so convenient!  It really is a great all around product!  She has a ton of fabric choices and you can even embroider your babies name on it.  They also make FABULOUS baby shower gifts.   Anyone wanting to co-sleep with their baby doesn’t have to worry about rolling over on them as the pillow acts as a protective barrier while keeping baby close by!  I used this pillow for our son Ethan and it was the ONLY thing that would keep him asleep.  Once Ethan was out of the snuggle spot, I used it for my newborn shoots.  It’s a great cuddler to keep baby asleep while I am switching blankets or props. I don’t even have to swaddle before hand.  I first place a blanket on the snuggle spot (makes for easier clean up), put baby inside and cover with another blanket.  Then when I am ready to go again, I don’t have to remove any swaddles and worry about waking the baby.  I highly recommend this product and hope you will check her out over at LaneyBug Creations.  You can also like her on Facebook and make sure to give her some love from ChelseaLee Photography!  I would love to hear how the snuggle spot works for you and your little one.  Enjoy your day!

If you missed the secret to saying bye bye to your baby belly then you really should check out the product on that post too!  Another great one!  If you have a favorite product for new mommies I would love to write a post and share about it!  Either comment at the bottom or contact me at the top!


I’ve been a little behind on blogging and trying to be much better about it.  So playing catch up, meet Baby Brooklyn who came to see me in January.  I’m playing catch up with Brooklyn first because her mommy has some amazing information I will be sharing later about how to get rid of your baby belly, just 6 weeks postpartum!  Seriously you won’t want to miss it!  In the mean time meet this chubby little cutie!

It is seriously a shame that I don’t blog these sessions more.  It’s selfish of me to house all these adorable babies hostage on my computer:) I mean look at those rolls and all that hair!  I am a SUCKER for babies with hair, probably because all my babies are as bald as cue balls!  I hope you enjoying looking at this precious girl and check back later this afternoon for her mommy’s secret on getting rid of your baby belly!




As a newborn photographer, I see and hear many moms complain about that belly they had hoped would disappear as soon as their new baby was born.

Being a mommy of 2, almost 3 (coming April), I understand that frustration and the fact that with a newborn and other children it’s hard to get back to that body you always had/wanted. I know what it’s like to want results and want them now! To see yourself in photos and cringe, or not get in them at all. Don’t miss out on the memories and have your children question, “where was mommy?” I have a solution for you! I have a way to get you on the right track and give you that “magical” solution you’ve been looking for. It’s this crazy wrap thing called, It Works, and guess what…it REALLY does! Miss Brooklyn‘s mommy, Jessica, came to see me for newborn pictures back in January and she recently posted her results from using a set of these wraps and I was hooked! Here is her testimonial and results…

20140302-221543.jpg“I used one full treatment (4 wraps) on my stomach and lost a total of 4.75 inches over a period of 12 days! I have not worked out since before I got pregnant and have not changed my diet at all! My stretch marks are much smoother and less noticeable, and I’m finally fitting back into my pre-pregnancy jeans!!!”

It Works wraps provides a natural way to lose inches fast and keep them off. This is as close to magic as it gets and I’m ready to get people photo fit and ready! If your ready to boost your confidence and get your body back after baby, no matter how many years it’s been,:)then comment at the bottom or contact me at the top for information, or go to Photo Fit and grab you a set of these amazing wraps (the ultimate body applicator)! Be sure to sign up as a loyal customer at checkout for the best price. I can’t wait to see your results!

Make sure you head over and like Photo Fit on Facebook for free wraps, contests and results of other mommies like Jessica!

I do make a commission on any wraps purchased and you can too!  If you would like the same opportunity just ask me how!

Hello everyone!  Today I’d like you to meet Julia, the adorable daughter of Rachel and Justin. This little princess has only been on Earth for a short period, but she is such a naturally, beautiful baby. I absolutely had to take advantage of those good looks during this session.  Seriously — her creamy skin tone, smooth complexion, red hair and natural glow make Julia a serious contender for pretty much any “cute baby contest” in the country!

Because Julia was born close to Valentine’s day I had to use this ADORABLE love bug set by Sweet Love Creates.  Don’t you just want to eat her up?  I’m in love!

 Thanks for stopping by!  I hope Miss Julia brightens your day!  Don’t forget to like me on Facebook to keep up with Miss Julia’s future posts:)


Let’s get straight to the good stuff!  I recently had an awesome session with Brooke and Corey and their precious newborn, Mr. Lawson.

This session was special because I had a new airplane prop I bought to match his map themed room. And, it goes without saying, I was really excited to have such a sweet boy to use the prop with.  Lawson was radiating cuteness before, but the airplane that was made by Rockin R Photo Props, really added to the photo.

 As you can see from the picture, the color of the airplane really helped bring out the soft tone of his skin.  Hopefully, I can use it again in a later session with him to show how much he’s grown!


They are such a cute little family and I am so blessed that they chose me to capture their first born baby boy!  Thank you for entrusting me with the newness of Mr. Lawson and I hope you can love and cherish these pictures for years to come!  He definitely is a cutie!!  Don’t forget to like my Facebook page to keep up with Lawson’s future posts!