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Y’all I know like ALL my family! I’m not talking aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. I’m talking all my grandparent’s siblings and their kids and their kids, kids. After looking at a chart, because it gets kind of confusing, meet my 2nd cousin once removed. I have no idea what the once removed even means but I don’t mind being related to this guy at all! I mean look how adorable he is! We started off simple and wrapped to get him good and asleep and soon moved in to some adorable sleepy smiles and cuddly posed pictures. His mom and dad met in college, mom was a basketball player and dad was a soccer player, so we had to incorporate a photo of their sports in with him. Check out sweet Rory and give him some comment love!

White Swaddle Newborn.jpg
Simple Newborn.jpg
Smiley Newborn.jpg
Pixie Hat Newborn.jpg
Basketball Soccer Newborn.jpg

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